Carpet Cleaning Basics At Home

Homeowners and apartment dwellers, especially those with children, may wish they could remove all carpeting to avoid the accidents that occur. Others may just be tired of looking at the ground-in dirt. It’s natural to wonder what to clean carpets with that will get them really clean.
Here are some guidelines you can follow when dirt and stains occur.
Vacuum often and thoroughly, especially in high-traffic areas. This will help to defeat ground-in dirt. Freshen and deodorize carpets with a steam mop, if you have one.
Treat stains right away, as soon as you see them. Try blotting them up with a dry, clean cloth to remove most of the stain before it does its damage. For occasional spots you can’t remove by blotting, you can make your own organic carpet cleaner at home using ordinary ingredients such as baking soda or vinegar, or you can buy carpet shampoo from your retailer. Homemade carpet cleaners are in many cases just as effective as commercial mixes. You can find these recipes online.
When you can save up the money, purchase a steam carpet cleaning machine. Steam carpet cleaners utilitize very hot water combined with cleaner to thoroughly clean and dry carpets. You can also rent a carpet cleaning machine at some hardware stores. This will help you save money on professional cleanings.
Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be expensive. Even if you get a stain on your carpet that looks ugly and won’t come out, most carpet cleaning companies have colorizers that can bring your carpet back to a uniform color.